The New UI Central Library : A great place to ‘escape’ :D

welcome to the crystal of knowledge!

It’s Friday! But it’s a tough day for me since today is the deadline of CIS programming task and I haven’t done it yet. And I had to get to campus very very early in the morning. And I got late, and I had to run on the track. So this is really a random terrifying day for me. I don’t even want to remember my face and how I look today. I remember almost everyone I met in the class, or canteen, or sekre who met me said,”you look so exhausted, your face shows that you have a lot of tasks”. Oh excuse me, is my face that bad, or are you saying I have a ‘madesu’ face? Aaa..I really wanted to wear a mask, or to be invisible that day ><.

In the middle of my terrifying-hectic-galaw day, I just remembered that there is a new great place to escape near Fasilkom: The new Central Library! Today is the first operational day of the library. 😀

I really wanted to get into that ‘telletubbies house’, since the building is so unique and green. So, I went there with my friend Megan. And, the new central library is really awesome! We were so excited when we stepped into that building. We keep walking around and discover many things in the building. I am so amazed with the architecture. So modern and futuristic and great!

I found a very nice park just next to the lake. I think it is a great place to just relax and discuss whatever there.

a nice park to relax 😆

Then I and Megan went to the elevator and went to the 4th floor. We found a big reading room and also a discussion room. and over there, we can see Balairung and Rektorat. It looks smaller and so near. That is a really great view! I just could’nt believe that is the track I go through everyday when I go to the campus.

wow, is it the track I go through everyday? beautiful!

We also found out that we could step in the grass outside the 5th floor. Wow, that sounds interesting! So we went there and see a ‘great’ view of our campus: Fasilkom. I don’t know what you think about it, but somehow I think my campus looks really cool. I love you, Fasilkom 😉

nah, here is my lovely campus from above: Fasilkom! 😆

I think we are the lucky ones who could step on the grass outside the 5th floor. Later I heard that getting there is prohibited. And you know what? when we were standing and looking to Fasilkom, I got an SMS from my senior saying, “Kirana, are you standing on the grass of the 5th floor on the Central Library?!”OMG, haha, even people in Fasilkom can recognize me standing silly me. 😳

believe it or not, this grass is ON the 5th floor! 😀

I like the spiral walk which connects the 1st to the 5th floor. I don’t know but somehow it doesn’t make me tired going through it.

just a small sight inside the freakin cool, isn't it?

Oh, and my favourite part: I found a great arabic calligraphy on the wall. It was IQRA, means read! I really love it. A little difficult to figure it out, but still I can see it :D.

my favourite part: IQRA 🙂 got it?

Okay, enough with those escape! Thanks to the Crystal I went back to campus and get back to the real life: getting my CIS programming task finished -__-
And now, anytime I need an escape, I know where to go 😆



6 thoughts on “The New UI Central Library : A great place to ‘escape’ :D

  1. COOL … i’m happy for you girl! ..and can’t wait till i visit that place soon. Take care & enjoy exploring the world 🙂

  2. That’s a really great library! proud to be UI’s. But, how much do you think students will visit the lib for the books, not for the amazing building? hehhe..

    • haha, that’s right. Let’s see then..
      But I think this new library is really a great place to do anything you want! whether you just want to chill out, read books, have a discussion, or do home works and other assignments 😀

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