My 6th semester officially ended!

Yes, officially ended after I had days of exams and submitted my very last task. Maybe I had a ‘terrible’ semester, yes it was. But still, life is going on and on, right? There is still a lot of things to discover out there. Let’s just learn from the past and be sure not falling into the same mistake. yosh!

So, what’s next?

I just can’t believe that I am (almost) a final year student now. 3 years past too fast. If this is last year, or another last year, on the same month, I would already be home now. I would already meet mom, dad, and my sister, and grandma, and grandpa. And I would already visited my high school friends. But unfortunately, I am not a 1st year or a 2nd year, or even a 3rd year student anymore, which can go for holidays (or at least be home) at the time like this. Ouch!

I am having an internship this holiday, as another obligation to students of Fasilkom which has passed the 6th semester. So, what will I do? Actually I am assigned to do QA (Quality Assurance) on 2 Android mobile applications, one of them will be a game (yay!). But besides, I also have to work on prototyping a mobile e-learning application. I am so excited to start this internship, but also curious. Will I get my job done well? I hope so..

Back to the topic. My 6th semester officially ended. I will (hopefully) just have another year to complete my study. Am I ready yet? Even some of my friends are now preparing topics for their thesis. Yes, some of them are planning to finish their study by the 7th semester. Wow, I am so happy for them! But what about me? I still have a lot of things to prepare this year.

So, maybe yes: I will not have a long holiday anymore, like before. But that is the matter of growing up, right? As life goes on, you will get more responsibility. So, just be happy for what you have, and who you are now. Maybe tomorrow you won’t have the same chance, and you can never go back to the past.  Cheers! 🙂


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