not going to PIMNAS (again)

Well, it’s just the same thing happened like it was last year. Me and my team are not selected to be a PIMNAS participant. Last year me and my team did a community service program about selective media, but we didn’t go to PIMNAS. This year I tried to start a small business called Star Stir. But also, we didn’t pass the selection to be a participant in PIMNAS.

The different thing is, that now I don’t feel as bad (and dissapointed and sad) as last year. I’ve experienced this failure twice.

Okay, so PIMNAS is not everything, and not going to PIMNAS is not the end of the world, right?

I’d like to appreciate my team for the hard work, and also my friends for their kind support and testimonies. Trust me, this is not the end of Star Stir. I promise, we’ll be back soon! 😀


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