Welcoming Ramadhan Far Away From Home

Alhamdulillah..so this Ramadhan will be the 4th one since I became a college student and went from my house to live in Depok. I’ve learned several things to prepare for Ramadhan, especially when you are far away from home (like I am now). So here I would like to share some tips:

1. Make some plan and targets. We don’t want our Ramadhan to be just like the ordinary days, right? Prepare and plan for it, you can write on your diary, or any paper, or even in your blog (if you don’t mind). Create some targets you want to reach in this Ramadhan. Creating targets helps you to keep busy on doing good things, and protecting you from wasting your time.

2. Stay healthy. It is very important to prevent from getting sick during Ramadhan. Since you are not home, you have to take care of your meal by your own. The hardest part here is when you want to have sahur. Going outside the housing to find a meal before Fajr is usually being avoided by most students, especially girls. I just found out that some food stall around the neighborhood offers a ‘delivery service’ (with ‘student price’ of course). So you just need to text them, and they will get the sahur meal in front of your door (yay!). If you don’t found those services, you can have bread, or kurma and fresh water for your sahur, just like Rasulullah did. Try not to skip sahur, because it is a sunnah of the Rasulullah. Like it was said in this hadist:

The Prophet (peace be upon him) instructed: “Have a meal before you fast, for sahur is blessed.” (Bukhari and Muslim).

3. Meet good friends. Gather around with friends who can encourage you on reaching your targets, and also keeping you healthy. You can share your targets, or even make Ramadhan targets together. By doing it, you can remind each other to accomplish the Ramadhan targets you’ve made together. You also can have your friend waking you up for sahur time, so you wont miss any sahur meal.

Okay, so those are the Ramadhan things I’d like to share to you. I hope this Ramadhan will be the best one ever. Let’s make it a memorable one. Have a great Ramadhan! May Allah bless us..aamiin! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Welcoming Ramadhan Far Away From Home

  1. lagi ngumpulin blognya anak-anak ultra jadi mampir juga kesini
    waaaa…….. bahasa inggris, mau juga nulis pake bahasa inggris tapi blum cukup PD 😀
    btw nice tips.
    *ijin kopi linknya y

  2. cupu2 tapi klo di baca smooth juga kir, ntar klo saya buat tulisan b inggris mhon masukkannya yak.
    iya, buat belajar nulis yg baik 😀

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