A lesson from my carelessness: Lost Your ATM Card? o.O

Well, seems like I’m too careless these days. I lost my ATM card for *biip* times this year (censored) xD. Phew, it’s really kinda something. So I have done some procedures-to-create-new-ATM-card over and over. At the first time I lost my ATM card, I was so panic. But after several times, I learned how to stay cool when I lost it, haha. I just have to do a little this and that, and taraa..I got my new ATM card. B)

So, I’d like to share what you must do when you lost your ATM card.

First of all, don’t be panic. All you have to do first is to block your ATM card to avoid misuse by anybody who found it. You can call the 24 hours call center of your bank. The bank officer will help you to block your lost ATM card, so nobody can use it anymore. You can also check the last record of the transaction you’ve made with your ATM card. So, if nothing is wrong with the information you got, there is nothing to worry. You can assume your bank account is safe now.

The next thing to do is to report your loss to the nearest police station. Seems scary? well, actually it is not that difficult to do. For those who are Universitas Indonesia students like me, you can just come to the UI branch police station. It is easy to find, just look for the blue building located near the Pondok Cina train station. People call it “Gedung Biru” or “Gedung PLK UI”. Then, just ask the policeman to make a “letter of lost ATM card”. He will sure help you to make it, you just have to fill the form required, or dictate the information of your loss to the policeman. Wait for some minutes, and there you have the letter! don’t forget to say thank you to the policeman. (As I know, you don’t have to pay anything for this).

Okay, so now you have blocked your ATM card, and you have the “letter of lost ATM card” with you. You’re just one more step to get your new ATM card. Next, bring your passbook (bankbook) and your Identity Card along with the “letter of lost ATM card” to the bank. Go to the customer service, and fill the form required to create a new ATM card. There is two kind of ATM card you can choose to have, the instant one (without your name printed on the card), or the regular one (with your name printed on the card). The instant card can be obtained and used just at the moment, but the regular card needs 7 days to be ready to use. Which one is better? It’s yours to choose! In this part you have to pay for the new ATM card. In my case, I had to pay ten thousand rupiahs. That’s all, now you get your ATM card back! hooray πŸ˜€

So, what is the moral of the story?
Do not ever lost your ATM card. Take care of it, and don’t be careless.
but if you ever lost it, just stay cool and do those things I’ve explained above πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “A lesson from my carelessness: Lost Your ATM Card? o.O

  1. I’ve never lost mine, thankfully πŸ˜€ Do you have to pay an extra fee when you make a new one or just the usual fee like the first time?

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