The Last Class Before Graduating : Computers & Society :D

Being a senior year student means I don’t have too much classes to take like before. In this final semester of my undergraduate study, I just take 9 credits. It’s 6 credits for the final task aka “Tugas Akhir”, and the rest goes for the Computers and Society class. So, the only class I take now is that Computers and Society class. FYI, this class is specially designed for final year students. I was about to take it last semester, but I was rejected because I hadn’t took enough credits yet.

Now, since Computer & Society is the only class I am taking, I can put more attention to it when I attend the class. I was really excited at the first day of the class, because I know that it will be my last class before I graduate. So, the first rule of the class was, it is conducted in English. Students are encouraged to speak English during the class, although sometimes they may use “Bahasa”. Wow, this impressed me. I feel like being in a English Conversation Course class :D.

In the first 2 weeks, we discussed about Ethics. Talking about ethics is much more complicated than I expected before. The teacher gave some cases, and encouraged us to share our opinion about that case. The cases are like: it ethical to do this and that? what if they had a strong reason behind it? is it permissible or not? what is your ethical standards, etc. We learn how important it is to put ourselves in other people shoes to find out what they feel.

Well, after all the programming and maths classes I’ve got in Fasilkom, Computers & Society class is really a “different & fresh” one. We are encouraged to stay updated with recent IT related issues, analyze it, and decide what to do as an IT professionals regarding to those issue. I think this will be my favorite class in Fasilkom 🙂


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