My 2nd Blood Donation: Getting addicted?

just another blood donation

Alhamdulillah, finally I got my second chance to donate my blood. Last Thursday, in Fasilkom, a charity event organized by Pengmas BEM Fasilkom was held. The event name is “Dora” alias “Donor Darah” (blood donation). There were not only blood donation, but also health check such as cholesterol and blood glucose test, for free.

Okay, so recalling that my earlier experience for donating blood was so dramatic (like I wrote here), actually I wasn’t really sure that I would be brave enough to go through the donating process. But I just thought that this might be my last chance to donate blood as an undergraduate student. And, fortunately, I was feeling healthy and fine enough to get my blood donated at that time. So, I just did it!

Overall, I was fine during the donating process and after. Though there were some trouble with my left arm, which were not letting my blood flow out. So I had to gave the other arm to be stabbed. But that was ok, and I tried to stay cool. The donation process took about 30 minutes. After that, I got some snacks from the red cross team. I felt a little bit dizzy, so I didn’t immediately leave the room, and took some rest and snacks for a while. Until the day after I also felt extremely thirsty almost all day. So I had to drink extra water. They said it’s fine, because our body need to maintain the blood viscosity.

Several days later, I felt that I was getting healthier. Not to mention, I also feel happier. I don’t know, but I just feel the sensation of getting healthier and happier is exciting. I really love that feeling, to know that the donated blood is worth a life of another human. I feel indescribably honored if I can get a chance to do that. By donating blood, we also learn to be grateful for our health.

So, in short, I really want to donate my blood again. Really really really want to. Well, maybe it’s not too much to say that I’m starting to get addicted to blood donation. Especially to the peace feeling after doing it. So I wish I will get another opportunity to do it again soon, insyaAllah.

blood donation is cool and it makes you happy!


One thought on “My 2nd Blood Donation: Getting addicted?

  1. Cool. Someday I realize I can not give my blood because of low blood pressure. I was not lucky because night before I was awakened all night along.
    Maybe I should have enough sleep before giving my blood.
    Anyway there are some joyful of giving our blood, aren’t there? 😉

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