I’m graduated. What’s next?

Since I am officially graduated from Fasilkom UI, I am not a student anymore. Things changed so fast. No more classes, assignments, student organizational activities, and most importantly no more thesis work. I was a little bit shocked, for a moment I just couldn’t believe that this is happening so fast. I didn’t know what I have to do just after graduating. Too many options to do ahead, whether to continue study, get a job, become an entrepreneur, and so on.

However, this is what I always imagined since I just started my study as a freshmen in Fasilkom UI. During my study, while having classes, doing assignments, getting involved in student activities, and doing thesis work, I always wondered when will I get through this “jungle”. I just couldn’t wait for those days to come: the thesis defense day and the graduation day. And fortunately now I have gone through those days. Happily and Blessed. And I have to be grateful for finally being graduated from Fasilkom UI as a Bachelor of Computer Science. Alhamdulillah..

Back to the topic. So now I have decided to get a job after graduation. Why? Well, actually I really wanted to continue my study to the Master degree right away. Yes, I really do. I have made some efforts to make it happen, but back then I found out that I am not ready enough to go there yet. After days of contemplating and thinking it over, I think it is not a bad idea to go for a job now. I need to get my skills applied in the real world. I can get so much lessons to learn by working in an office. Learning about work ethics, being a good team player, leadership, and responsibility in the real business world will be a great advantage to me, which I didn’t get in the classrooms. So, whenever the time to continue my study comes, I will be ready with enough of work experience. Insha Allah.


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