Looking at where I am now

It’s been more than a year since I wrote post on this blog. Where have I been actually? It seemed like I was busy with myself and my new world. Many things changed since I decided to work in a company. I had new place, new friends, and new responsibility. And fortunately, I enjoyed my activity at work, where I see things practically. I learned that in the real world, sometimes we don’t use the theories told in the classroom, but we just need to make things work as customers want it to. Also, the important thing is not how smart you are, but how you are able to work together and learn from each other. At work, I got involved in a real IT project, where I face real users, and see how I could help their work through IT. Those priceless experience might be impossible for me to have if I were not working in a company like where I am now.

And guess what? Now I found myself being a student again. Well yes, I am now a graduate student, and an employee at the same time! Who knew I could get here? So at 8am-5pm I go to work, then at 7pm-10pm I go to school.

Being a student, especially in a field which is so related to my work at the office, helps me understand what I am really doing at work. I can relate what happened at work to the case studies and theories brought by the lecturers in class.

Such a beautiful plan made by Allah. Never thought I could experience this two roles at once.  Alhamdulillah.


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