The Drama of being a Student and an Employee at Once

To me, being a student and an employee at once was not easy. I went through those up and down ‘drama’ along the journey. I needed to go a distance of 30-something kilometers after office from Serpong to get into my class in Salemba. I had to sacrifice my weekends to be spent on discussing school assignments. I also had to manage my income to be able to pay for school tuition. Often, I finish my school assignments at office, and vice versa.

Those crazy business of school and work affected my physical and mental health. During the last semester of my study, I took several days off from office. Some of the days I got sick. Some other days, I had to be in the campus at office hours discussing my thesis progress. I felt so tired back then, but at the same time I really wanted to finish graduate school in a shortest-time-possible. I didn’t want to extend my period of study, because it means I would have to pay another tuition fee, plus I had to go through another semester of school and work. I have had enough of those ‘drama’ and I needed to graduate as soon as possible.

Then, the ‘magic’ happens…

Everything happened so quickly I couldn’t believe that finally I made it through. Last February, I had my master graduation ceremony. I was so happy and grateful that my wish came true. I made my parents and my family proud of me. It was all priceless. Alhamdulillah.

When I reflect and contemplate about this accomplishment. I realized that finishing graduate study while working full day seemed very impossible to me. Who knew I could made it through? I realized that something bigger than me is watching me, opening the doors of opportunity, offering help for me through good people around me, and filling my heart with courage and hope. I know I could’t have done this alone. Who am I to be able to finish this alone?

I know its You, Allah. Alhamdulillah, all praises and thanks be to You, o Allah.


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