Would You (not) Think?

Almost entering my “quarter-life”, I realized that I need to decide the path where I will go through. I know that life is short, yet I don’t know how much longer my life in this world will be. I started to think and contemplate about the purpose of this life given to me. I feel so worried about what will happen after my time in this world is over. I need to hold on to the right guidance of life that will get me succeeding in this world and after. I don’t want to get lost in this worldly life that I could fail in the end.

There must be a reason why we -human beings- were created. The sky, the earth, and everything in between must have been created for a reason. We, humans, do not have the ability to create the sky, the earth, or anything similar to them. We cannot even create any living creature like human being. Yes, we might be able to create robots, but we can see the huge difference between robots and humans. Humans have heart, eyes, and ears which is connected each other. With those, we have the ability to see, to hear, and to feel.

At that point I realized that I don’t belong to myself. My ability to sense, to feel, to move, and to do anything is not mine. I have no power to create anything that I am able to do right now. There must be The Creator (Al Khaliq) who gave me the ability to live in this world. I am nothing without Him. Yes, nothing.


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