About Social Media

Lately I’ve been thinking about the time I spent with my social media accounts: facebook and path. I concluded that I’ve wasted too much time reading news feed appearing on my home page. Back to the time I first created a facebook account, it was so interesting to see my friends posts. It felt good hearing about my old friends, knowing their activities and seeing who they have become. Later I installed path, and it was much more interesting because I had a smaller circle of friends. My life seemed much better back then. But things changed.

Now I realized that actually I don’t really need to know that much information. Yes it is good to be updated with your family and friends. But suddenly it all just feels so fake. I thought that I had a good social life with those social media accounts, but the truth is I was just facing a screen. Just a small monitor that is actually not healthy to face all day long. I started to question myself: “Do I really need to know what he/she is doing?”, “Do I really need others to know what I am doing?”, “Why am I doing these?”, “What is the benefit for me?”.

There is a bigger world out there. Life is more than just scrolling the timeline all day long. I would like to stop myself from watching others life. I also don’t need everyone to know about my life. It is not always necessary for them to know mine. So now, I’m trying to be more focused on my own real life. I believe it will be healthier for me.

I’m deleting my facebook and path account, for good. There are much more ways to connect and communicate. At least I still have my e-mail and phone with me, which is more than enough.


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