Being Left Behind

This morning I came late to work. I didn’t catch the commuterline train, and I had to wait another half hour until the next train came. When this kind of situation happens, I feel so bad to miss the train. I start to blame myself for not going out early, for not being prepared with my own e-money ticket, and for not running when the train was about to come. Lots of negative thoughts cross in and out of my head. I feel..failed. I feel like I am left behind.

Well, after all, why am I supposed to be upset when I didn’t catch the train? It is just a train, isn’t it? And why should I be such in a hurry to catch a train?

Having a chance to be left behind is a blessing. It makes me understand how much ability we are given. Not everyone are able to walk, to jump into the bus, to step upon the stairs and to run into a train. It is all given to us, and we are responsible to use that in a good way. Alhamdulillah.


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