Out of nowhere, we are put here on earth. Alive.

We meet people, we say hello

We go to another directions, and we say goodbye

In my opinion, from this worldly point of view, there are two kinds of farewells: temporary farewell and permanent farewell. Temporary farewell is a separation between two or more people in a countable measure of distance. Thus, we are pretty sure that there is a chance to see each other again after a temporary farewell. Otherwise, when a permanent farewell happens, we do not recognize any chance to see each other anymore because the separation is not in a countable measure of distance. The only permanent farewell in this world, is death.

Separation by death is a scary yet beautiful farewell. We have no idea where and in what condition those who passed away exactly are, yet we still live with memories of them. Then we will try really hard to be able to see them again. We try really hard, although we can’t touch them. But still, we can feel them, in our hearts. Suddenly we start to realize and develop a belief that they still exists, but we cannot explain where exactly they are.

We discover the uncountable measure of distance. This is what makes it painful to be separated by death. To us as humans, the distance between where we are and those who had passed away, is uncountable and undefined. But we should always remember, that to Allah, everything is defined.

Allahumaghfirlahu warhamu wa’afihi wa’fu’anhu. I miss you so much Grandpa, till we meet again in the next phase: the eternal life. Aamiin.


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